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A FEW WORDS FROM Shri Mohitosh Chakraborty, M.A., Principal In-charge

Dear students,
At the threshold I would like to welcome and invite you to be the part of Ramkrishna Nagar College. I am happy for your choosing this institution as a podium for your future. I expect that your journey of the College will be an encouraging one that will lead you to your destination. You are indeed blessed to find an opportunity to get education at one of the best College of Barak Valley, Assam.
A bird’s eye view on the history of Ramkrishna Nagar College reveals that from its very inception, our College has had the proud of producing illustrious students, who today adorn prestigious posts not only in India but also abroad. We have similar expectations from you. Today, our college has crossed its GLORIOUS 53rd year and stepped into 54th year heralding intellectual discourse. This college has a healthy, harmonious ambience and rich values that have played pivoted role in shaping the future of innumerable students.

Higher education to day, as we all know is at crossroads. There has been a paradigmatic shift in the entire teaching learning process. Keeping pace with these worldwide changes and on the era of cut throat competition, we too at Ramkrishna Nagar College have accepted them with girt and determination. We devise the most effective ways to cope the students with the changing situation. Our goal is to achieve the zenith of excellence. Not that we are concerned about the careeristic side only, we also harbor the moral and cultural values in the children to make them men in real sense.
The need of the hour is nation building through character development of its citizens. This can be achieved only when the youth of today are given proper guidance and mental support. Keeping this in mind we have been taking care to maneuver our students and canalize their creative talents in the right direction, so that they become dutiful citizens of the country. Thus, in order to streamline the potentialities of our students and inculcate the best in them, we have many curricular and co-curricular courses at our College, KKHSOU study centre, ASOS centre which have been functioning effectively. This is undoubtedly a stepping-stone towards the building up of a healthy nation.
It is worth mentioning that Assam Govt. has provincialised the Science Stream of our College (U. G. level) recently which will obviously enrich the College by offering better facilities to the Science students.
A new edition to the proud legacy of 54 years is the introduction of centre for ‘Non-formal Sanskrit Education’ sponsored by Central Govt., India in 2016.
Our mission is to look into the needs of our students. Other facilities provided the introduction of Scholarship in various categories to meet the minimum needs of the disadvantaged group of students.
Assuring you of a nurturing and caring environment, I again welcome you to the premier seat of Higher Education with anticipation that this institution will offer you all means of material and intellectual gratification and will help you to pursue and achieve your goal.

May the Almighty Bless you.

M. Chakraborty
Principal In-charge

Mobile : +91-9435376373